Melbourne Corporate Health | Nutrition
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Good nutrition is the fuel to achieving optimum physical and mental health. At Melbourne Corporate Health we complement any health and fitness regime with a tailored nutrition program to meet your body’s needs and your weight loss goals.


Depending on your personal requirements, individual nutrition programs are based on three core protocols:


– Metabolic Jump Start protocol

– Four phase fat elimination protocol

– Hunter Gatherer elimination protocol.

Metabolic Jump Start


The successful Metabolic Jump Start program is a solution focused, self-driven, results based approach that guarantees a rapid change in healthy eating behaviours and increased energy/productivity. The program can be delivered as part of a 12 week group course or as a one-on-one consultation. Both delivery options include:

– a metabolically matched diet plan

– recipes and menus tailored to your specific needs

– a 14 page customized report outlining your specific nutrient targets

– support from your Metabolic Coach.


The 12 week group program also includes weekly group coaching sessions to support change. Contact the team at Melbourne Corporate Health to find out how you can jump start your metabolism today.

4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol


Excess fat places strain on both our mind and our body. The challenge when stripping it from our diet is how to effectively eliminate fat without eliminating any wellness benefits.


Carried out over a minimum of 18 days, the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol will:

– educate you about what food to and not to eat

– provide sustainable and rapid weight loss

– increase mental focus

– decrease symptoms associated with stress and anxiety

– increase mental and emotional resilience.

The Hunter Gatherer Protocol


The Hunter Gatherer Protocol focuses on foods eaten by our ancestors – changing modern day eating behaviours associated with convenience and taste to a pattern of eating that promotes optimal health and wellbeing.


The tried and tested protocol is ideal for individuals and teams looking to:

– increase energy and productivity

– increase mental clarity and focus

– improve sleep

– improve positive emotional states.


Melbourne Corporate Health’s program includes:

– advise on nutritional supports, minerals and vitamins to eliminate toxins

– recipe inspiration

– hints and tips for sustainable change

– one-on-one support from your Metabolic Coach.