Melbourne Corporate Health | Health & Fitness
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Health & Fitness


Our health and fitness programs are all individually tailored to cater for everyone’s unique needs – from the beginner looking to increase their fitness levels right through to the elite athlete wanting to improve on their personal best. Programs include:


– Group personal training

– Melbourne Corporate Health Run Club

– Corporate group fitness training

– Executive personal fitness training

– Fitness classes – yoga, circuit, running, boxing, stretch, pilates

– High altitude training programs.

Health & Fitness Assessments


As part of our health and fitness program, we offer a range of comprehensive assessment tools to our clients – including the One Percent Change® Assessment, Bioage Screening and Functional Threshold Testing.


These detailed and accurate assessments ensure that your goals, strengths and weaknesses are clearly articulated and established before commencing a program.


By undergoing a fully integrated assessment we also then have a solid road map from which to design a personalised health and fitness plan aligned to your goals.

One Percent Change®


Melbourne Corporate Health offers our clients a world leading full body assessment that, until now, was only available to elite athletes – One Percent Change®.


One Percent Change® is a clinically proven test that is both personalized and accurate. By undergoing the assessment, Melbourne Corporate Health will know with precision what program design will achieve the greatest gains for you in less time.


With muscle imbalances causing 90% of all injuries, One Percent Change® specifically identifies the muscle imbalances and enables our trainers to design programs to correct these deficiencies in strength. The assessment also identifies key injury risk areas before the onset of pain.


It’s a known fact that modern life has placed a range of time pressures on us all. One Percent Change® enables our trainers to design programs that increase pleasure in their training whilst minimizing pain – a key factor in forming permanent positive lifestyle changes.


BioAge Assessment


BioAge is a measurement of a person’s ‘real’ biological age, telling us how well we are performing for our years. Assessed as either a part of our Executive Personal Training program or as part of Melbourne Corporate Health’s 12-week BioAge Challenge, the benefits of a BioAge assessment for individuals are: having objective information about your metabolism, your physical fitness and your behavior that identify what areas of change are truly important to you; and knowing exactly how well you are ageing for your years.


As a corporate health tool, BioAge can be adapted into a fun fitness challenge, increasing engagement and motivation whilst improving staff wellness, productivity and energy.

Lactate Threshold Testing


Lactate threshold is the point at which our body can no longer run on oxygen alone. It is at this point where we start to use glycogen – a useable form of carbohydrates. It is also at this point where the body begins to slow down. Knowing your lactate threshold enables the most appropriate cardiovascular program to be designed for your needs.


Benefits of Lactate Threshold Testing include:

– Specific identification of your current fitness level

– Design of effective cycling and running programs

– Ability to monitor improvement.


To test your lactate threshold, contact the team at Melbourne Corporate Health today.