Melbourne Corporate Health | One Way To Reduce Festive Season Overwhelm
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One Way To Reduce Festive Season Overwhelm

One of the most commom challenges that our clients come to us with especially as the year draws to a close is Overwhelm. Some may label it as anxiety, stress and worry.

The physical sensations of overwhelm can vary. Some people experience severe symptoms such as chest pains, heart palpatations and difficulty breathing, whilst others may simply feel fatigued, confused and irritable. There are a range of different techniques to unlock these challenges but lets explore one.

Overwhelm is directly linked to trying to pay attention to or deal with too many things at one time. So the opportunity that we have here is to simplify things. A word that I like to use is “chuck down”. Break what we need to do into different components then prioritise. And this four quadrant exercise does exactly that for us. All we need to do is fill in the blanks.

Step 1 – Draw out or print out the this diagram.

urgent-and-importantStep 2 – Fill in the table as follows

*Urgent/Important: What are the things that need to be done right now. Deadlines you need to keep, emergencies etc.

*Not Urgent/Important: What are the tasks/things that aren’t pressing right now but do need to be done at some stage. This could include upcoming projects, time with family and friends, planning health and fitness, holidays etc.

*Urgent/Not Important: Now these are your distractions and potential time wasters. What are your interruptions? Emails? Meetings? Phone calls?

*Not Urgent/Not Important: Maybe things you escape to avoid doing things? Entertainment perhaps? Gossiping?Maybe things you use to minimise stress that actually may not be good for you.

What do you think would happen if everything was Urgent and Important?

Have a ago at this process then create between 1-3 actionable items that you can get started on right away. If you want to know more about our Coaching services please email [email protected] or visit our website here.