Melbourne Corporate Health | 1 Reason Why Busy Workers are Unhealthy: Dealing with Curve Balls!
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1 Reason Why Busy Workers are Unhealthy: Dealing with Curve Balls!

As January passes us by so to do all those New Year resolutions that we set! Especially when it comes to our health and fitness. What about you? Did you publicly or secretly set yourself some resolutions for 2017 only to revert back to old habits within days or months after there conception? If that’s you, rest your mind. It’s all to common and it’s one of the best times to truly learn about what is important to us. Ill be covering 3 Ways to Turn a Setback into Success in my next blog.

So why does this happen? Why is it that as a nation with everything that is available to us we are seeing dramatic rises in physical and mental health issue? For the purpose of this blog there is one reason that I really want to laser in on, and that is that we make things to hard for ourselves! Over the last 19 years I have compiled a list of what we might call problems or pain points that are making things harder and harder for us to achieve what we think we should achieve. Check them out and see if you can relate to any of them. If you do, feel free to contact me for a face to face chat about how we can make things a little easier.

In no apparent order:

  1. Setting unrealistic and not “thought through” goals. 
  2. Dwelling on things that have gone wrong in the past. 
  3. Not being able to picture, feel or see what success looks like.
  4. Not clear on what is wanted. 
  5. No follow-up/regular and consistent action towards achieving a goal. 
  6. Not doing things for themselves rather doing it for other people. 
  7. Listening to negative thinking and having those types of thoughts determine choices. 
  8. Lack of self-confidence and belief that they can do it. 
  9. Going to food, alcohol, aggression, worry and fear to avoid what really needs to be focused on.

These are just 9 challenges that my clients have raised over the last 19 years. And to be honest, early in my coaching days I thought I had some sought of magic wand that could make all these problems disappear. But through my own pain I have come to Listening that this is simply life. Life throws us equal amounts of straight balls as curve balls. There simply is no escaping that. Opportunity comes when we realise that we have a choice on how to play these balls. A great batter through a process of practice and repetition knows when to swing and knows when to leave but from time to time they will strike out or get bowled out with the first ball. It is part of the game, its part of life.

So why are busy workers unfit, overweight and inactive? It’s just too hard! What do we need to do? It is simple, we must begin to make things easier for ourselves. We must begin to manage our own personal expectations, we must identify in our life as it is now what really is important to us? Beyond all the smoke and mirrors, what really makes us happy. Once we begin to identify with this we can then begin to set extremely simple goals, objectives and priorities to experience achievement. With achievement comes a feeling of success and self-confidence and what was once hard now feels a little easier…a new path of least resistance. A path that builds us up from the inside out.

If you found value in this blog or you know someone that wants to make things a little easier in their life, share my details or click here. [email protected] or call 0438834003.