Melbourne Corporate Health | 1 Way To Determine Your Values
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1 Way To Determine Your Values

I can’t express enough the importance in truly knowing your values. When we know what our values are we have the ability to fill our days with things that inspire and motivate us. With so many ways to identify our values it’s hard to know where to start. So I’ve made it easy for you. Below I’ve provided a simple two step process to assist you in identifying your values.


Values Identification Exercise

Step 1: Read through the list of values below, underline those that align with the way you think and feel as you live all aspects of your life. Feel free to add others that are important to you and are not included here.


Authenticity Honesty Security
Achievement Humor Self-expression
Accomplishment Inclusiveness Self-Respect
Adventure Independence Serenity
Affection Influence Service
Balance Innovation Spirituality
Beauty Inspiration Stability
Challenge Integrity Status
Change Intellect Stewardship
Collaboration Intimacy Teamwork
Community Intuition Thoughtfulness
Compassion Joyfulness Tradition
Competence Justice Tranquility
Competition Knowledge Transformation
Connection Laughter Transparency
Completion Leadership Trust
Contribution Learning Truth
Cooperation Legacy Uniqueness
Courage Love Usefulness
Creativity Loyalty Variety
Decisiveness Magic Virtue
Dependability Meaningful work Visionary
Democracy Money Vitality
Diversity Nature Wealth
Effectiveness Openness Wisdom
Efficiency OOrganisation  
Enjoyment Partnership  
Equality Patience  
Ethical Practice Peace  
Excellence Personal Growth  
Expertise Perseverance  
Fairness Planning  
Faith Pleasure  
Family Power  
Financial gain Privacy  
Fitness Professionalism  
Freedom Prosperity  
Friendship Quality  
Fun Recognition  
Generosity Reflection  
Growth Relationships  
Happiness Reputation  
Harmony Resilience  
Health Respect  
Helping others Safety  


Step 2: Your Top 5 – 7 Values:


Choose the 5 – 7 values that are the most important to you and your life. These are ones that you would consider your core values and non-negotiable, i.e. they would be the “deal-breakers” for you, ones that you would refuse to compromise in a situation.
























Consider these questions to help you explore and understand how your values shape your life:


  • How do your values relate to each other?


  • What do they look and feel like in action?


  • How might your values influence others around you?


  • What might compromise your values?


  • What does it cost you when your values are compromised?


  • What might help you hold true to your values?


  • What are some simple actions can you take to live in harmony with your values personally and professionally?


  • What supports or resources do you need to take those actions?


  • What have you discovered from this values exercise?









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